Tadiran Telecom Coral SeaMail

SeaMail is a presence-based message management solution that allows you to send and receive messages through a personalized voicemail box.

Business Benefits

  • Single unified inbox - Voicemail and Email
  • SIP-Based integration
  • Browser-based mailbox manager
  • Viometrics - user voice authentication (Enterprise only)
  • Text to speech for email
  • Voice recognition
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook, POP3, and real-time IMAP synchronization

Coral SeaMail Brochure
Coral SeaMail Voice Messaging User Guide
Coral SeaMail Quick Reference Card
iQue with SeaMail

Tadiran Telecom SeaMail - iCall

SeaMail iCall lets you easily disseminate messages to an audience of any size to communicate emergency notifications, status updates, or personalized reminders quickly and consistently.

T3iCall Features

  • Define multiple campaigns that can run at varying dates and times
  • Specify call scenarios including anser, no answer and busy
  • Transfer call recipient to a live operator or call center automaitcally or on demand
  • Batch upload phone numbers or email addresses through a text file
  • Activate a campaign via a web interface or through the phone
  • Password-protect or use Viometrics to secure outbound messages

iCall Brochure