Emerald ICE: Integrated Communications Exchange

The Emerald ICE is Tadiran's fully integrated digital phone system loaded with sophisticated features providing powerful, scalable technology at an extremely affordable price. This system paves the way for your company's future by combining functionality and value, allowing the addition of new capabilities and capacity, like unified messaging and PRI-T1 connectivity, as your business needs grow.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Project a professional business
  • Process calls more efficiently
  • Reduce training time and costs
  • Realize more value with more features

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IPX Famliy: The Foundation for Voice and Data Integration

As business communications evolve rapidly to IP-converged technologies, your company must adapt to compete and serve customers effectively. The Coral IPx gives you the flexibility you need to evolve your communications systems to IP technology with the peace of mind that today's investment

The forward and backward-compatible Coral IPx product family packs all the power and flexibility of Coral® systems into modular units that can be rack, floor or wall mounted. Each model can be used as a traditional switch, a VoIP telephony server or both - adapting easily as your company's needs change.

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Coral IPx 800 : Coral IPx - SeaMail APDL Intelligent Queuing
Coral IPx 500 : FlexiCall Freedom : Coral Flex Attendant
Coral FlexAir : FlexIP Softphone

Coral Sea Softswitch

Communications - Simply Unified!

Tadiran Telecom’s Sea Softswitch. A multimedia-over IP unified communications solution with powerful desktop applications.
  • Pure IP softswitch
  • Real-time distributed system
  • Redundancy and fault-tolerant by design
  • Rich desktop productivity tool
  • SIP-based unified messaging

Multiple applications: speech recognition, IVR, MCU, etc. The Sea Softswitch is based on a completely new distributed architecture. Regardless of the number of sites, all Sea Softswitch servers share one real-time distributed database, designed to meet any enterprise’s communications needs. Utilizing open standards (including SIP, MGCP and CSTA), Sea Softswitch is fault tolerant by design and built to serve all enterprise sites as a single entity. No compromises. No legacy constraints. No networking of sites. Just one fully distributed system across the board. And while easy to manage and maintain via a web-based unified Admin system, the Sea Softswitch is also user oriented, with unified messaging capabilities, a personal desktop productivity tool, and a webbased portal for customizing routing rules and telephony features. Sea Softswitch – experience unified communications at its best.

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Coral Voice over IP Solutions SeaMail - iCall

UCx: Unified Communications Solution

Tadiran’s UCX is a powerful, all-in-one communication solution:

  • feature-rich phone system
  • advanced IP phones
  • powerful software features
  • improved productivity
  • reduced operating costs
  • supports analog, digital and VoIP lines
  • jump in or ease in to new technology

Tadiran’s UCX offers a complete feature set for a broad range of businesses.

  • Seamless Upgrade — calls continue to work like your traditional phone system, so the switch to the UCS system is transparent, but many new, powerful features are ready when you choose to use them.
  • More than Analog and VoIP — use a blend of VoIP, digital and analog lines plus enjoy our provisions for familiar features like SLT telephone sets, external paging, music/message-on-hold, and fax.
  • Powerful features — comes standard with VM boxes for all users and ten seats of unified messaging. Also includes presence management, find me/follow me calling, unified messaging, secure web-based administration, feature-rich, Automatic Call Distribution, intelligent call routing and more.
  • Enhanced conference calling — enjoy the convenience of a “meet me” style, eight-seat conference bridge and up to 16, 3-party conference bridges.

UCX is priced right — and your savings will increase as you employ more of Tadiran’s productivity boosting features.

  • Lower expansion cost — no need for gateways, expansion cards or other third-party products.
  • Lower maintenance cost — The UCX’s advanced security features enable comprehensive, web-based administration without compromising network integrity and includes software and firmware upgrades, remote database management - with backup to remote servers, diagnostic testing and system debugging.
  • Intelligent calling saves you money — routing calls between sites is free. Features like Least Cost Call Routing and our Call-through (Freedom/IRSS) Mobility feature save you money on calls outside of the IP network.
  • Hassle free remote access — remote users connect instantly using ordinary broadband connections and without extra hardware, software or cost. They have access to all the features of an at-office phone.

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